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Neujahrsmitteilung von Yoichi Wada

News Roger

Die Neujahrsgrüsse von Yoichi Wada, Präsident von Square Enix, liest sich eher wie eine Mitteilung an die Shareholder der Firma. Wada erklärt in der Mitteilung auf was sich Square in diesem Jahr konzentrieren will.

The Year of Taking Root

I would like to begin by wishing everyone a happy New Year.

Last year was a year of change.

In the economic world, turbulence within financial markets resulted in an acceleration of the reorganization of economic enterprises. In the political world, the year started with the inauguration of a new president of the United States, and ended with a change of government in Japan. While no one yet knows if these changes are an early indication of stabilization or the beginning of more turbulence, at this point, we should watch, wait, and try to nurture these seeds of change. Demanding change simply for change’s sake, only invites empty gestures. The year of ahead is a time to observe how these new economical and political frameworks adjust to the new trends, and evaluate their success.

Turning an evaluating eye to ourselves, by carrying out several initiatives, we have successfully established a framework for the Square Enix Group to span the next decade. The initiatives include the acquisition of Eidos–a cornerstone of our overseas strategy, a major realignment of Group organizations, and an across-the-board optimization of human resources.

This year, while we continue our aggressive efforts to move ahead, we shall also pay close attention to how organizations within the Group are wired together. Our challenge for this year is to solidify the structure of the Square Enix Group by further strengthening its framework, as well as pursuing organic interconnectivity between each business unit.

In the near future, the rate of convergence between video games and other digital entertainment content will only continue to accelerate. It is for that reason we will make 2010 a year of taking root, in which we use this environment of change as an opportunity for establishing a strong foothold with which to lead the global entertainment industry.