Januar-Update für Wreckfest

Neue Fahrzeuge, Strecken, Meisterschaften & Verbesserungen

News Michael Sosinka

Für die Early-Access-Version von "Wreckfest" auf dem PC wurden jetzt das umfangreiche Januar-Update mit neuen Inhalten veröffentlicht.


Der Entwickler Bugbear Entertainment hat für die Early-Access-Version von "Wreckfest" auf dem PC das Januar-Update veröffentlicht, das zirka 2,7 GB gross ist. Enthalten sind neue Meisterschaften, Wagen, Fahrzeugteile, Strecken, Tuning-Möglichkeiten und noch viel mehr. Dazu kommen diverse Verbesserungen in verschiedenen Bereichen des Rennspiels. Die weiteren Details liefert der Changelog.

Wreckfest - Januar-Update


  • Added four new vehicles: Bulldog, Hotshot, Speedemon, Warwagon.
  • Added Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, Window Bar, Side Protector and Roll Cage customization parts 1–4 for all vehicles.
  • Added a new Sandpit 1 short route + reverse layout for it.
  • Added a Tarmac 3 reverse layout, a new Tarmac 3 short route + reverse layout for it.
  • Added a new Speedway 2 suicide style route, Outer Oval Loop.


  • Added three new championships.
  • Series restrictions are now shown in the series selection screen.
  • Vehicles are now classified also by their body style and size.
  • Added length and surface info for tracks, displayed in various locations throughout the user interface.
  • Bonus objectives are now tracked correctly during multi-heat events (the player has all heats to meet the targets).
  • Player finishing position is now displayed correctly in the results screen of multi-heat events even if player gets eliminated before the final heat.
  • Player now receives more experience and credits from multi-heat events.
  • Added congratulatory screens for championship and series completion.
  • Main Menu > Misc now has a Reset Career button that can be used to reset the career progress in case you’re experiencing issues or just want to start afresh. Please note that resetting the career will remove all your vehicles, credits and experience so absolutely NO FIDDLING AROUND WITH THE BUTTON.


  • Replaced the parked cars littered around tracks with final ones.
  • On many tracks, replaced grey proxy building with final ones.
  • Replaced some legacy assets such as billboards with new ones.
  • Generally improved Tarmac 3 environment art.
  • Overhauled Speedway 2 pit area.
  • Added new effects for mechanical damage such as sparks.
  • Generally improved particle effects.
  • Improved skid marks.


  • Customization parts now have a weight and protection properties.
  • Added a setting to choose between Normal and Realistic Damage in the custom event options, single player only for now.
  • Vehicles now have a set of class-based engine upgrades that can be used to increase or decrease the class of the vehicle.
  • Expanded Tuning, instead of three possible choices most parts now have five settings to choose from, extending the tuning range.
  • Improved gamepad vibration effect to give more detail, for example sliding will now cause slight vibration of the controller.
  • It’s no longer possible to maintain or even pick up speed by wall riding (i.e. grinding against the wall with the car).
  • Improved collision detection to reduce the tendency of the cars clipping with each other in heavy collisions.
  • AI is now easier when using Novice AI difficulty.
  • Player (and AI) can now take loops like found in the Crash Canyon the either way.
  • Improved checkpoints on a number of tracks to prevent cheating.
  • In-game, pulling a PIT maneuver (i.e. spinning the car by pushing it from the rear) is now a score event.
  • Added a more refined (work-in-progress) Pause Menu with race standings.
  • Added a new (work-in-progress) Loading Screen with info about the track.
  • Improved Reset Position detection when resetting car.
  • There is now a lawn mower only AI Set available in Custom Race event options.
  • Tuning menu is no longer shown for the lawn mower.


  • MP: Fixed a case in which player quitting caused a crash.
  • MP: Increased client timeout from 30 to 45 secs to prevent slow clients from dropping out on track change.
  • MP: Deathmatch no longer defaults to 0 min duration after changing track in the multiplayer lobby.
  • MP: Random lawn mower guys no longer appear in the lobby when adding a bot.
  • Garage no longer disappears when returning to the garage after Team Deathmatch.
  • Automatic backup camera is now disabled by default (can be re-enabled in the Settings menu).
  • Fixed incorrect tab titles in lobby.


  • Added effect audio for various mechanical damage states.