KI der Offline-Bots in Friday the 13th wird verbessert

Für eine grössere Herausforderung

News Michael Sosinka

Um eine grössere Herausforderung und mehr Spielspass zu bekommen, wird die KI der Offline-Bots in "Friday the 13th: The Video Game" verbessert.


Der Entwickler IllFonic wird das Verhalten der Offline-Bots in "Friday the 13th: The Video Game" verbessern, wie jetzt bestätigt wurde. Das soll natürlich den Spielspass erhöhen. Auf der anderen Seite sollen die Jason-Spieler ebenfalls eine grössere Herausforderung bekommen. Die Auflistung hält die Verbesserungen zur Ansicht bereit.

Verbesserungen bei der Offline-KI

  • AI will now be equipped with Perks that better match the selected difficulty level. Playing on Hard? The counselors might be packing a Perk that starts them out with a defensive item, just like their human counterparts.
  • AI will be better at choosing a hiding spot, and what cabins they should enter based on the number of other counselors in the cabin.
  • At higher difficulties, counselors will more carefully select and use weapons, especially weighing their chance to stun. They’ll probably ditch that stick for something that packs a bit more punch.
  • AI might not be able to appreciate music, but higher difficulty AI will use the radios located in the cabins as a means of distraction.
  • Higher difficulty AI can shoot more accurately, place traps, and will attempt to open Jason’s traps with pocket knives.
  • They have become better at repairing vehicles and letting friends into a repaired car before they take off, as well as getting back onto the road in case they wreck.
  • Counselors will react more realistically to sounds – broken windows, doors, walls – and depending on difficulty and the counselor you snatch up, they may have an easier time of breaking free of Jason’s grasp.
  • We believe that these changes will allow our Jason players to face a greater challenge against the Offline Bot AI.