Nintendo Wii in HD - Präsentation an der E3?

News Roger

Analysten ... einer der bekannteren Analysten vermutet, dass wir bereits an der diesjährigen E3 einen Wii Nachfolger vorgestellt bekommen. Gerüchte über eine Nintendo Wii in HD geistern schon seit längerem im Netz herum...

"We remain convinced that the publishers will resist the introduction of any video game hardware technology that requires a refresh of software, as the publishers have as yet to capitalize on the immense investments made in being competitive in the current cycle," said Pachter. "We therefore think it is likely that the 'next' generation will begin after 2013."

He does believe that 2010 will bring us something, "the long-rumored high-definition Wii, which is likely to upgrade the Wii to current console technology." The last batch of HD Wii rumours suggested we would see the console in 2011. Looks like the console which may or may not exist is making good time. If he's right could we see a HD Wii announced at E3?