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Fahrsimulator der Extraklasse

News Roger

Für einige sind Gamer-Utensilien wie Lenkrad, Gas- und Bremspedal unter dem Tisch bereits exotisch und übertrieben. Wie kommt dann wohl der Fahrsimulator Hexatech 3CTR rüber?

Hier ein paar Hintergrundinfos zum Hexatech 3CTR:

  • Driver and/or hardware in the loop simulation tool
  • 6DOF
  • Fully compatible with Matlab/Simulink and seamless integration of simulation models through dSpace, CarSim and VeDYNA
  • Vehicle characteristics modelled and parameterised include chassis, wheelbase/track, tyres, suspension settings, drive train (engine, gearbox, differentials) aero loading, aero draft (slip streaming), steering, brakes and driver aids such as traction control, ABS, etc.
  • Near 100% realistic steering feedback
  • State-of-the-art professional image generation offering significantly reduced motion blur as well as real-time CG shadowing and environment mapping
  • 42″ monitors or alternatively projectors on a curved screen to fully immerse the driver
  • Seat belt tensioners
  • Energy efficient electromechanical motion system typically requires only 5 KWh of electricity (on top of the environmental benefits of not testing on a real race track)

Das Teil ist leider nicht für jeden Geldbeutel gedacht, da er mit $200'000.- etwas schwer auf dem Geldsack drückt.