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N64 zum Handheld um modeliert


Na wenn da aber jemand mal kein technisches Geschick an den Tag gelegt hat. Ein fleissiger Bastler hat innerhalb von drei Monaten sein Nintendo 64 kurzer Hand zum Handheld umgebaut. Da bleibt nix anderes übrig als Respekt zu zollen und den Hut zu ziehen.


Hier dei Angaben die der Bastler zu seinem Kunstwerk machte:

Here is what all my time, money and sweat has gone into for the past 3 months. A Nintendo 64 portable! This portable is (currently) the smallest N64 portable (meaning it has internal batteries, unlike Sifuf's) known to man. It is also the first to implement the LOB64 multiplayer interface. :mrgreen: Here are some specs:
- 7.5 inches wide, 5.25 inches tall, and 1.5 inches thick. (19cm x 13cm x 3.8cm)
- 5 hour battery life (6000mAh li-ions)
- 5" LED modded screen
- Custom AV out port that shuts off the screen when the AV cable is plugged in
- Includes controller expansion port, D-Pad and L button
- Has a slot for either jumper or expansion pack
- Headphone jack
- Integrated screen controls
- Low-battery LED
- LOB64 port
- Overclocked N64 to 2.0x