Halo Wars

Update Details


Im Laufe des Tages werden die Mannen von "Bungie" ein Update zu "Halo Wars" aufspielen. Dieses wird sich wie gewohnt bei dem nächsten Start des Games automatisch runterladen und installieren. Die genauen Änderungen findet ihr anbei:


  • Flaming Warthog and Honor Guard Wraith skins now available in multiplayer to players who have those skulls.
  • The option to show Unit Hit Point bars above units is now available.


  • The number of points to reach all ranks has been reduced.  General now requires 2.4 million, down from 3.2 million, and other ranks have been reduced accordingly.
  • The max number of points you can get in a single match has been capped.
  • The Prophet of Regret’s land speed is now reduced to match other leaders.
  • Vampire Tech Upgrades now increase damage done by 15% in addition to their other effects.
  • Anders Cryo Bomb Upgrades now cost 50% more supplies.
  • Anders Hawk Upgrade now costs 50% more supplies.

Bug Fixes

  • Multiplayer Matchmaking and Connection improvements have been put in.  Players should find that their 2v2 and 3v3 teams no longer split up.
  • Ready for the Sequel’ Achievement should now be rewarded properly.
  • Units on Exile and Crevice should find it easier to traverse the map.