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Zukünftig besserer Service - bis zu 17 neue Spaces!

News Roger

Ein Sony-Europe Community-Verantwortlicher hat kürzlich im offiziellen Playstation Forum einige Infos zum Home-Service veröffentlicht. Home wird in den nächsten Wochen mit einigen neuen Spaces rechnen dürfen.

Wie "TedTheDog" informiert, werden wir in den nächsten Wochen endlich mit den längst überfälligen "Warhawk" und "Uncharted" rechnen dürfen.

Auch im "Red Bull"-Space dürfen wir mit einem Update rechnen.

Der komplette Post:

Let's be honest, SCEE Home is behind the other regions in the number of Spaces we have to offer. That's not to say we dont have some really good clothing and furniture, we've actually got some excellent partners in the Shopping Centre. And we've also got Red Bull and Xi (the latter still has some way to run and some more surprises to bring you.) And Red Bull have another trick up their sleeve too...

But overall, we're short on Spaces in general. In isolation we dont think this makes SCEE Home a bad place but we fully understand the regional comparisons and why they're made.

In the spirit of openess being requested of us, and that we've committed to, we're going to say what we're going to do about this and in short, we're going to switch our priorities to the production of Spaces for the forseeable future. We will continue to support our partners in the Shopping Centre but our primary focus will be to improve our output and range of Spaces.

The transition from one to the other will take some time but we acknowledge that trying to do both lines (Spaces and Content) at the same time is something we do not have the resources to do currently here in the SCEE team. We have just recruited a new Production Assistant to help tackle this and once this person starts and is up to speed you should start to see improvements.

I should also mention that the SCEE Home team is entirely seperate from that of the Core Home team, the guys who build and develop the engine. They sit in World Wide Studios rather than SCEE. Each region has its own team and the Core Home team delivers the base service and client to the regional teams, who then bring their own content to the service.

Our first task is to get up to date on some of the older content that we've been missing for a while now. For example, Uncharted and Warhawk and the update to the Resident Evil 5 space. Then bring you some of the more recent spaces like Guitar Hero and then finally ensure we're able to release new Spaces at the same time as the other regions whenever possible, and theres a few of those coming your way.

The SCEE Home Producer is currently investigating 17 spaces in all but I dont believe all would be suitable and therefore not all would be published here. The timeline for this is probably about the next 2 to 4 months and there is likely to be a drop in output before it starts to really pick up and improve.


The second change to discuss is the way we talk about our new content. As explained in another thread recently, right now we wait until the very last moment so we know what is going to be published. And it's at this point we write the messages and get them translated and this leads to last minute communication or even, as we've seen recently, the content being released before the communication.

What we're going to try and do in the future is quite a big change in that we're going to aim to communicate what's coming to Home in SCEE one week in advance.

Instead of waiting until the last minute we will be asking the production team to commit to a package to be published, as best they can, about 2 weeks in advance. We then write up the messages about this content and localise it, (which takes 1-4 days depending on text length, but 2 days is the norm) and then publish in the forums, hopefully on the Thursday the week before.

Sometimes things will fall out of the publication package at the last minute, 2 weeks is a long time in content production.

This means we will publish what we intend to bring to you about a week in advance and any last minute changes to this plan will be communicated at the last minute. This may be a better experience for everyone than messaging everything at the last minute when we know for sure whats going to be published. There will be disappointments when content fails at the last minute and you've been looking forward to it for a week, but you'll be much better informed overall