Resistance 3

Nachfolger nicht mehr von Insomniac?

News Roger

In einem Interview mit Gaming Union erwähnte Marcus Smith, Creative Director bei Insomniac Games, dass der Publisher (noch) nicht für einen vierten Teil (PS3) der "Resistance"-Reihe engagiert wurde. Marcus sieht durchaus die Möglichkeit, dass ein anderes Team einen möglichen vierten Teil realisieren könnte.

“I can definitely see that, […] Nihilistic is already doing a [Resistance] Vita game, which is going to be awesome. We really respect those guys as game developers. Sony Bend did Resistance Retribution on PSP. We’ve got a lot of different places for the universe to go, so I could certainly see the series going to another developer. I’m sure Sony would want to find a high caliber developer to do a good offering. I don’t think they’d hand the franchise over to somebody who is going to screw it up.”
“Insomniac are just premiere developers – they’ve been working on the PS3 and with us at Sony for a long time. You can see that it shows on Resistance 3, their technology has had three games to evolve with, and they’re very interested in telling that compelling story as well”

Marcus Smith, gegenüber Gamin Union

Insomniac Games arbeitet aktuell unter anderem an einem neuen Multi-Plattform Shooter mit dem Namen Overstrike.