Resistance 3

Patch 1.02 verfügbar

News Roger

Kaum ist das Spiel erhälticht und Day-One Patch haben wir inzwischen ebenfalls erhalten, folgt der nächste Patch (V1.02) von Insomniac Games, der einige kleinere (und grössere) Probleme behebt.

Hier die Fixes welche in Patch 1.02 enthalten sind:

  • Players should no longer get into “dead” games that don’t operate correctly
  • Improvement in framerate/lag
  • Matchmaking fixes
  • Fewer players floating / clipping through environment
  • Fix for freezing/crashing issues if you join a game as it is ending
  • Can no longer leave party while in a co-op game (was causing a crash)
  • Party fixes dealing with multiple invites, co-op
  • Some SFX in St. Louis have been cleaned up
  • Broadway map now loads games correctly
  • Fixed issues when late-joining a campaign co-op game
  • Multiple fixed issues on Chapter 13 in co-op
  • Female voice over will now play for female skins in MP
  • Player using Hazmat ability will no longer appear to catch fire or freeze
  • Other various lobby, menu, co-op and multiplayer fixes