Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Wards kümmert sich nun doch um das Hacker-Problem

News Roger

Wie Rob Bowling von Infinity Wards bekannt gab, werden sich die Entwickler nun doch um die Sicherheitsprobleme in "Modern Warfare 2" kümmern. Damit krebsen die Entwickler indirekt zurück. Ursprünglich hiess es bei Infinity Ward: "Das ist Sonys Problem, nicht unseres."

Hier das offizielle Statement von Herrn Bowling:

I just left a security meeting with the coders here at Infinity Ward where we discussed a lot of solutions. I feel good about the meeting, but of course I can’t go into detail on the possible solutions we discussed as we don’t want to give out any information that could potentially hinder the security any further[…]The key factor I want you to know is, that while any update takes time, we are looking to make the process as quick as possible and nothing is being left unattended.Our main focus right now is on:1) Preventing hackers from affecting legitimate players.2) Addressing users who have already been affected.