MAG: Massive Action Game

Patch 2.11 - Infos

News Roger

Auch nach über einem Jahr seit dem Launch von "MAG: Massive Action Game" sind Zipper Interactive damit beschäftigt das Spiel zu erweitern und beglücken uns entsprechend mit einem weiteren Patch. Thumbs Up!

Gameplay (General)

    * Permanently added faction-neutrality to “Domination” and “Acquisition” game modes
    * Improved ratio of launched game-types when using Multiqueue
    * Fixed “Escalation” game-type exploit that allowed unintended amounts of additional game points to be earned under certain conditions
    * The original three training missions unique to Raven, SVER and Valor have been reinstated (Blu-ray version only)
    * Lessened the likelihood of players moving their aim while performing the “knifing” action with the PlayStation Move Motion Controller

Gameplay (Economy)

    * Earned CP now takes “Bonus” XP into account as part of its equation
    * Adjusted CP/ XP conversation rate so that lower-level players have the highest yield of CP-earned to XP-gained, with a lessening effect as they gain levels
    * CP is now refunded when a player has gear they are no longer entitled to removed from their loadout


    * Repaired “stuck grenade” bug that would sometimes prevent players from throwing grenades
    * Slightly increased grenade-throwing speed following weapon-switch (all grenade types)


    * Repaired icon display issue in “Escalation” game-type that would occasionally misrepresent which team was interacting with an objective
    * Post-game Squad scoreboard no longer includes bonus XP in its display or rankings
    * All three factions are now properly displayed for the “Escalation” game-type when using the Multiqueue

Audio/ Visual

    * Grenade-throwing animations are now properly blended and no longer skip
    * Various camera clipping issues have been addressed


    * Subscription character slots B and C are now fully compatible with the downloadable version of MAG
    * Eliminated glitch that prevented players from earning the “Duteous Maximus” trophy after the 2.10 update
    * Fixed bug that prevented some players from being vote-kicked out of games
    * Faction-specific videos have been restored (Blu-ray version only)
    * Numerous crash fixes and performance improvements
    * Multiple localization updates