Guild Wars 2

Details zu "Guild Wars 2"-Gameplay enthüllt


ArenaNet, die Entwickler von "Guild Wars 2", veröffentlichten nun erste Details zum wohl interessantesten Aspekt des Gameplay von "Guild Wars 2" - der Kampfmechanik.


Auch ein paar Details zur Klasse der Elementaristen wurden preis gegeben. Diese Einblicke verschafft Spielern einen ersten Eindruck von dem, was sie von diesem heiss erwarteten Titel erwarten können.

  • Visual and dynamic combat - Manoeuvre around an opponent to strike for maximum damage or send them flying through the air. Create giant crushing stone hands, turn into a massive tornado, or summon a flock of vicious birds of prey to swarm your enemies.
  • Cross-profession combos - Combine attacks from different professions for extra damage, like shooting arrows through a flaming wall to create a barrage of fiery projectiles, or sending pets through a cloud of poison so they spread the toxin among the enemy.
  • Environmental weapons - In the hands of a skilled Elementalist, a simple boulder can be turned into a meteor storm. Or save the day by taking control of a siege weapon on the battlefield!
  • A skill system that is easy to learn and rewarding to master - In Guild Wars 2, you start with a strong base set of skills, but the game allows for deep player customisation. You get your base skills from the weapons you wield and then customise your skill-set with racial skills, healing skills, profession skills, and even a devastating elite skill.

Um das Kampfsystem vorzustellen, enthüllte ArenaNet die erste Klasse aus "Guild Wars 2": die Elementaristen.

  • Versatility - Adapting to any situation, the Elementalist can attune to the elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Each element provides a separate set of options and visually-powerful attacks, like the ability to call down precision lightning strikes, trigger volcanic eruptions, or heal allies.
  • Distinctive Mechanics - Glyphs, Signets, Conjurations, and Attunements provide a distinctive set of mechanics that foster versatility and garner grand results, ranging from area-of-effect destruction to defensive snares.