Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Von Altair bis Eizo

News Roger

Vermutlich habt ihr schon sehr viel über den nächsten "Assassin's Creed"-Titel gelesen. Dennoch sind noch viele Fragen offen. Einige davon sollen in "Revelations" beantwortet werden.

Gemäss Lead Game Designer Alexandre Breault sollen viele offene Fragen beantwortet werden:
"It was really our focus within the game to make that conclusion, to really sum up everything that happened before and make it clear.""We have all-new gameplay with Desmond and the interesting aspect is we’ll really be able to see more of the background of Desmond throughout the game,” […] “So we will reveal a lot about his character and build up what Desmond is, what his purpose is within the game."