Star Wars: The Old Republic

E3 Cinematic Trailer (2011)

News Roger

E3 = viele neue Trailer, Videos, Gerüchte & Infos! Auf was freuen sich "Star Wars"-Fans? Wohl auf den baldigen Release von "Star Wars: The Old Republic". Wir haben euch den über 6-minütigen E3 Trailer des Titels...

Officially a neutral world, Alderaan has become the focus of Republic and Imperial political maneuvering. Even as conflict between Alderaan's noble houses threatens to turn into civil war, Republic and Imperial forces engage in a secret battle that could decide the planet's fate. High in the mountains, both sides fight for control of Alderaan's massive planetary defense cannon—a weapon powerful enough to devastate an enemy's fleet and ensure domination over the planet's skies.

The battle on Alderaan is our first detailed look at organized team Player vs Player (PvP) in The Old Republic. To secure the planetary defense cannon, players must deplete the enemy transport ship's shields, driving their forces to retreat or be annihilated. Players must work together to control the defense system's artillery units if they are to protect their fleet and emerge victorious.