Erster Patch bereits verfügbar

News Roger

Mit "SOCOM 4" haben wir wiederum einen Titel, der bereits vor dem offiziellen Release einen ersten Patch (ca. 40 MB) erhalten hat. Seit kurzem ist der Patch 1.01 verfügbar. Dieser behebt einige kleinere Probleme.

Hier ein der Auszug der Anpassungen, welche mit Patch 1.01 korrigiert wurden: (sorry, erstmals nur in Englisch)

  • Multiplayer camera pulled further behind character (cuts off at around the mid-to-upper thigh)
  •  Multiplayer camera field of view has been widened by roughly 20%
  •  Firing accuracy has been improved for all weapons and aim modes; first few shots are substantially more accurate (with less accuracy the longer full-auto is employed)
  • Considerably increased horizontal and vertical recoil to all weapons in ACOG and Red Dot views
  • Decreased effective range of all SMGs
  • Reduced throw distance for all grenades
  • Made improvements to the HUD to make teammate names display above their head if they are onscreen; removed allied names (leaving only icons) when spotting friendlies at a distance;
  • Increased XP minimum requirements for character and weapon mod progression
  • Updated "Vote Kick" UI so that it no longer eats real estate on your screen like Galactus at the Milkway Buffet
  • Made various PlayStation Move adjustments including a latency reduction, less sensitive recoil countering, the added ability to pitch up while firing, tuning to the turn and pitch areas, fixes for Sharp Shooter hiccups, and more
  • More to come, stay tuned...