Patch (1.05) verbessert Gameplay

News Roger

Der Shooter aus dem Hause Zipper Interactive hat einen neuen Patch (1.05) erhalten. Dieser verbessert nicht nur das Gameplay sondern erweitert auch das Clan-System. Der ca. 25 MB grosse Patch ist seit gestern verfügbar.


  • Using the knife no longer silences footsteps
  • Classic mode mic system has been changed from Tap-to-Talk to open chat
  • Fixed Classic Bomb Squad double round win bug
  • Reduced the accuracy of SMGs at long distance
  • Grenade launchers no longer kill the user when fired at long distances or over a wall
  • Reinstated weapon accuracy when quickly tapping fire button
  • Several level collision issues have been adjusted

Party and Clan Systems

  • Party leaders may now optionally allow party members to invite in other players
  • Numerous Party system stability enhancements
  • Numerous Clan system stability enhancements


  • Player counts on map voting screens are now accurate
  • Fixed round transition freezes
  • Numerous UI element bugs have been fixed