World of Goo bekommt nach 10 Jahren wieder ein Update

Technische Verbesserungen

News Michael Sosinka

Die PC-Version von "World of Goo" hat nach 10 Jahren ein neues Update bekommen. Damit wird das Spiel ein wenig modernisiert.


Das letzte Update von "World of Goo" auf dem PC wurde vor zirka 10 Jahren veröffentlicht, jetzt ist wieder ein Download verfügbar. Das neue Update macht "World of Goo" etwas moderner. Man darf sich auf einen 16:9-Support und eine hochskalierte Auflösung freuen. Auch am User-Interface wurde geschraubt.

Das neue Update für World of Goo

  • To be super clear, there are no new levels, no new characters, no new battle royale deathmatch mode. This is just a gentle remastering we did for fun.
  • The framework has been replaced. This is the thing that draws all the graphics onto your screen, and sends all the audio to your speakers, etc. This means the Win / Mac / Linux version should work on modern computers again without freaking out, and you can run the game on modern displays at whatever resolution you want.
  • Game now runs at a hi-def widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio by default. The original ran at a squarer 4:3 ratio.
  • Resolution of graphics is doubled. The original game ran at 800×600, and the tiny graphic files didn’t scale to huge monitors very gracefully. We used a few different high quality upscaling tools to start, and then went over each image by hand, tweaking each image further as needed. In a few lucky cases, we still had the original source files and were able to use those. But if you still really want the original flavor, there’s a setting to use the original graphics, also included with the game.
  • Fabulous joke about looking good in hi-def has remained unchanged.
  • Brought over graphical and UI improvements from releases on other platforms, like Nintendo Switch.
  • No more encrypted assets or save files. We hope this makes the game more open and friendly to mod.
  • The config.user.txt file is now located wherever your save file is stored. So no more editing that file in your Program Files folder. It has a bunch of new config vars exposed as well.
  • We’ll be updating the game everywhere Win / Mac / Linux versions are available in the next few days.