Update 1.29 für Warcraft 3 erschienen

24-Spieler-Unterstützung eingeführt

News Michael Sosinka

Nach der Testphase hat Blizzard Entertainment das Update 1.29 für "Warcraft 3" regulär veröffentlicht, das unter anderem eine 24-Spieler-Unterstützung einführt. Ausserdem haben die Entwickler das Leaderboard zurückgesetzt. Ansonsten stehen ebenfalls viele Bugfixes auf den Programm.


Specific Changes & Improvements

Widescreen support added. To prevent stretching there have been changes to the interfaces:

  • Added bookends to the in-game interface
  • Added black pillars in menus

Game lobbies expanded to support 24 players. We’ve added 12 new team colors. Thanks to Erkan and others for contributing to the new palette:

  • Player 13 - Maroon
  • Player 14 - Navy
  • Player 15 - Turquoise
  • Player 16 - Violet
  • Player 17 - Wheat
  • Player 18 - Peach
  • Player 19 - Mint
  • Player 20 - Lavender
  • Player 21 - Coal
  • Player 22 - Snow
  • Player 23 - Emerald
  • Player 24 - Peanut


  • Ladder standings have been reset; good luck and have fun on the climb
  • Replays are incompatible between major game versions
  • This will be the last version to support Windows XP
  • Automated tournaments will resume next week

Bug Fixes

  • Clans can be created
  • Mac launches
  • Korean locale launches
  • Various missing textures located (Thanks to TriggerHappy for the test map)
  • Default resolution no longer resembles Felwood
  • Ladder maps cleansed of sneaky tower locations near starting mines

Known Issues

  • Temporarily disabled Fixed Aspect Ratio in Video Options
  • Chaos Kodo Beasts are showing as idle workers in campaign missions
  • Unable to input text while keyboard settings are under different languages in zhCN and koKR locales
  • Certain elements in World Editor overlap
  • Set/GetAbilityOnXXXX functions are renamed to Set/GetAbilityActivatedXXXX
  • SetUnitNameAll is disabled for now
  • PlaySpecialEffect is disabled for now
  • PlaySpecialEffectWithTimeScale is disabled for now
  • Crash: With an ability that has "Disabled"=false, attempting to set "Disabled" to false again will crash the World Editor
  • UnitDisableAbility does not hide an ability with Hide=true and Disabled=false
  • Default map directory is for from maps when creating custom games
  • Resolution does not change properly when switching between windowed and full screen
  • Tooltips for hero abilities may not be updated

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