Update 1.29 auf dem Test-Server von Warcraft 3

24 Online-Spieler, Widescreen-Support & mehr

News Michael Sosinka

Blizzard Entertainment hat das Update 1.29 auf den Test-Server von "Warcraft 3" gebracht, das unter anderem einen Widescreen-Support bietet und bis zu 24 Online-Spieler unterstützt. Der Changelog liefert alle weiteren Details.


Warcraft 3 - Update 1.29

Widescreen Support

  • Added bookends to the in-game interface
  • Added black pillars in menus to prevent stretching

24 Player Support

  • Game lobbies revised to support 24 players
  • Team colors revised and expanded
  • Color selection is an ongoing effort, feel free to leave specific suggestions with color codes

Bug Fixes

  • Clans may now be created
  • Mac clients launch on 10.11 and beyond

Known Issues

  • Unable to change resolutions in native fullscreen
  • PTR only supports English version of the client
  • This will be the last version to support Windows XP
  • The Mac PTR client requires manually running the launcher to patch