Arma 3 über drei Millionen Mal verkauft

Viele neue DLCs angekündigt

News Video Michael Sosinka

Während sich die Militär-Simulation "Arma 3" über drei Millionen Mal verkauft hat, hat Bohemia Interactive neue Erweiterungen angekündigt.

Bohemia Interactive hat angekündigt, dass sich "Arma 3" über drei Millionen Mal verkauft hat. Aus diesem Grund wird die Militär-Simulation weiter tatkräftig unterstützt. Es wurden gleich mehrere DLCs für 2017 angekündigt. Das umfangreiche Video liefert erste Eindrücke. Den Anfang macht im Mai 2017 der "Jets"-DLC, der drei neue Kampf-Jets, ein frisches Szenario und noch mehr bietet. Es folgen der "Malden"-DLC mit einer Variante des klassischen Malden-Gebiets, der "Orange"-DLC (neue Vehikel, neue Mini-Kampagne), der "Tac-Ops"-DLC (neue Szenarien) sowie der "Tanks"-DLCs, der neue gepanzerte Fahrzeuge und mehr enthält. Nachfolgend seht ihr die Übersicht.

DLC-Plan für Arma 3

  • Jets: Penciled in for May 2017, the Arma 3 Jets DLC introduces three new fighter jets, a new Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV), a new Showcase scenario, Steam Achievements, and more. The Jets DLC will be accompanied by a free platform update introducing a sensor overhaul to enhance targeting, an improved fixed-wing damage model by extending the number of hitpoints and damage effects, dynamic vehicle loadouts, and various other jet-related improvements. Arma 3 Jets is the first Arma 3 DLC to be developed in partnership with a third-party external development team, Bravo Zero One Studios (which is led by Make Arma Not War winner Joshua “Saul” Carpenter).
  • Malden: To celebrate the 16th anniversary of the Arma series, Bohemia Interactive will release the free Arma 3 Malden DLC on June 22nd 2017. This DLC includes a re-imagination of the classic Malden terrain featured in the very first Arma game. In addition, the studio will release a new (and free) cooperative multiplayer mode, named ‘Combat Patrol’. Here, players need to accomplish various objectives as part of an infantry team, and each playthrough will be different thanks to the mode’s heavily randomized nature.
  • Orange: While the exact theme of the Arma 3 “Orange” DLC (working title) (est. Q3 2017) will be announced at a later date, this upcoming new package will explore an interesting and unique perspective on the battlefield. The Arma 3 “Orange” DLC will include new vehicles, new clothing and gear, new decorative objects, a mini-campaign, Showcase and Challenge scenarios, and more. In terms of size, the “Orange DLC” stands somewhere in between the Arma 3 Karts and Arma 3 Helicopters/Marksmen/Jets/Tanks DLC.
  • Tac-Ops: The Arma 3 Tac-Ops DLC (est. Q4 2017) will deliver a set of ‘tactical operations’. These singleplayer scenarios will focus upon challenging, replayable, and authentic military gameplay – making the best use of Arma 3’s sandbox terrain, vehicles, and weapons.
  • Tanks: The Arma 3 Tanks DLC (est. Q1 2018) will build on the experience of armored combat in Arma 3 by delivering three new armored vehicles, new playable content, and more. The package will be accompanied by a free platform update, which will implement new features and improvements related to tracked and armored vehicles.