Awesomenauts wird auf Free-2-Play umgestellt

Neues Update veröffentlicht

News Video Michael Sosinka

Das MOBA "Awesomenauts" wird im nächsten Monat auf Free-2-Play umgestellt. Darüber hinaus wurde schon heute ein neues Update veröffentlicht.

"Awesomenauts" für den PC wird am 24. Mai 2017 auf Free-2-Play umgestellt, wie Ronimo Games bekannt gegeben hat. Während der Free-2-Play-Umstellungen werden existierenden Spieler ihren Fortschritt allerdings nicht verlieren. Jeder Spieler, der den Titel vor der heutigen Ankündigung erworben hat, bekommt den Founders-Status. Ansonsten wurde ein neues Update veröffentlicht, das unter anderem das Progression-System überholt und weitere Verbesserungen hinzufügt.

  • A completely overhauled tutorial and beginner experience to help make the game more accessible. Though the game has always been fairly easy to pick up and play, the MOBA genre is inherently challenging to get into because of the highly competitive matches.
  • A new progression system allows players to level up both their profile as well as each of their characters. Both will unlock their own unique rewards such as currency bonuses, portraits, character items, and portraits. This way you’re never far removed from the next reward.
  • A new currency called Awesomepoints, which can be earned by playing matchmade games. These games can be either against other players or through the new ‘co-op vs bots’ mode. Awesomepoints can be used to unlock playable characters, profile portraits, and the new drop pods.
  • This update also introduces medals to the game. These are unlocked by reaching various milestones in the game and can be used to show off the achievements a player is most proud of. All of the new customization options can be unlocked either by completing milestones in-game, or purchasing them with in-game currency.
  • Real money will still be the only way to buy character skins, but can now also be used to buy individual playable characters and drop pods. Players will also be able to buy all current and future characters through the ‘Awesomenauts All Nauts Pack’. On top of all the characters, owners of the Pack will be granted the ‘Collector’ status, giving them an exclusive medal and skin.