Heute neuer Borderlands 3-Hotfix

Qualität der Drop-Raten wird angepasst

News Michael Sosinka

Gearbox Software stellt für "Borderlands 3" ein neues Hotfix-Update zur Verfügung. Die heutigen Anpassungen an "Borderlands 3" ändern die Qualität der Drop-Raten. Diese Anpassungen basieren auf dem Community-Feedback nach der Reduzierung der World-Drops vom 8. April 2021.


Hotfix vom 22. April 2021

  • Updated the Tobaggan Legendary Artifact to give the intended slide bonus
  • Updated the item card on the Siren’s Death's Blessings class mod to accurately represent the bonus
  • Assigned dedicated sources for various Guns, Love, and Tentacles gear within that DLC
  • Rebalanced the drop weights for Legendary weapons
  • Increased the amount of loot that drops from all bosses
  • Increased the chance for Class Mods and Artifacts to drop from bosses in the base game and in add-on content
  • Increased the chance for Class Mods and Artifacts to drop in Proving Ground Trials chests
  • Increased the chance for players to receive Legendary rewards in the Proving Ground Trial chests
  • Increased the amount of Eridium rewarded from Vault Card Chests
  • Increased the amount of Eridium dropped from Circle of Slaughter Bosses