Balance-Update für Halo 5: Guardians veröffentlicht

Viele Anpassungen für die Kampagne

News Michael Sosinka

Ein neues Update für "Halo 5: Guardians" ist angekommen. Es nimmt zahlreiche Verbesserungen vor, die sie ebenfalls auf die Kampagne beziehen.


343 Industries hat jetzt abseits der grossen Inhalts-Updates ein neues Balance-Update für "Halo 5: Guardians" veröffentlicht. Dabei geht es um den Singleplayer (etwas schwieriger), den Schwierigkeitsgrad im 2-Spieler-Koop (etwas leichter) und auch die Waffen sowie die KI. Es wurden also viele Anpassungen vorgenommen, die ihr nachfolgend aufgelistet seht.

Die Änderungen:

  • Reduced two-player difficulty slightly
  • Increased single player difficulty slightly
  • Made Warden attacks a little easier to dodge, particularly on lower difficulties
  • Face Beam tracks moving targets less accurately
  • Gravity Bomb has less homing
  • Melee attack has slightly less range
  • Made the Warden slightly easier to kill from the front
  • Reduced AI Focus Turret damage output
  • Reduced AI Storm Rifle, Suppressor and Light Rifle effectiveness
  • AI Storm Rifle: fires in shorter bursts, projectiles spread out more and move more slowly. Jackals are now less effective than Elites with the Storm Rifle
  • AI Suppressor: fires in longer bursts, projectiles have less homing. Crawlers are now less effective than Soldiers with the Suppressor
  • AI now fire shorter bursts with the Light Rifle
  • Increased AI Plasma Pistol, Needler and Beam Rifle effectiveness
  • AI Plasma Pistol: slightly higher accuracy and damage
  • AI Needler: AI now fire longer bursts (i.e. can now supercombine players on Heroic and above), slightly higher damage
  • AI Beam Rifle: slightly more damage (mostly this will make it a two-shot kill instead of a three-shot kill in Heroic single player, allowing Jackal Snipers to actually kill a player from time to time)
  • Added a “tackle” animation to Sword Elites – shoutout to Pat Gillette for making the sweet sword tackle animation
  • Instead of stopping to swing at a moving target they can swing on the move
  • Increased Elite, Elite Officer and Soldier Officer durability
  • Reduced Soldier bamf frequency
  • Killing a Crawler now deals area-of-effect damage to all nearby enemies, softening them up or killing them outright
  • Reduced frequency of Squad AI getting killed while in a gunner’s turret in a player’s vehicle
  • Made being killed by an attached Plasma Grenade non-revivable, similar to lethal damage from a Binary Rifle
  • Increased AI special ability chance with higher player count in co-op games, e.g. Plasma Pistol overcharge, grenade throw
  • Increased AI promotion chance with player count in co-op games
  • i.e. in cooperative games you will encounter more high-ranked enemies where promotion paths exist (most noticeable with Grunts, Elites, Jackals and Crawlers)
  • The first player to press the “Call for Help” now has priority, other players will have to wait their turn for a revive – shoutout to Mr. Robert Kingsley for the code fix for this
  • Coliseum no longer has Binary Rifles, the Sniper and Rocket Launcher pads are now swapped, and the Suppressor is at the bottom of the Grav Lift.
  • Fathom’s SAW now only has one magazine and its spawn time is 2 minutes compared to the previous 3 minutes.
  • Empire’s Tower One not has the shotgun, and the Plasma Pistol has moved to the small street in between “Tower” and “Pit.”

Ansonsten sind die Fiesta-Modi jetzt in den Custom-Games verfügbar, während Infection derzeit für 12-Spieler-Matches getestet wird.