Neues Gameplay zu Anew: The Distant Light

Side-Scrolling-Adventure in offener Welt

News Video Michael Sosinka

Während des "Black Voices in Gaming Guerrilla Collective"-Livestreams am Wochenende wurden neue Spielszenen zu "Anew: The Distant Light" gezeigt. Das ist eine Side-Scrolling-Adventure in einer offenen Spielwelt, das für den PC und Konsolen erscheinen wird. "Anew: The Distant Light" wird ausserdem über das Summer Game Festival auf Steam (16. bis 22. Juni 2020) spielbar sein.

Features von Anew: The Distant Light

  • Explore a massive, hand-crafted game world filled with diverse environments, strange life forms, puzzles, and surprises.
  • Forge your own path through dozens of hours of nonlinear gameplay.
  • Discover unique, game-changing weapons and equipment.
  • Traverse the alien moon by climbing, swimming, jetpacking, skating, swinging, jumping across planetoids with their own gravity, and more.
  • Battle a huge cast of enemy creatures, machines, and screen-filling bosses.
  • Lay waste to deadly enemies by piloting powerful vehicles like the giant mech, dune buggy, rocket, and flying saucer.
  • Unlock your Hope home ship to upgrade your suit and weapons, fast travel to distant areas in the game world, and more.
  • Collect exotic microchips and optimize your suit's programming for your play style or to overcome a specific challenge.
  • Survive the burning alien sun, which creates a cycle of changing hazards, enemies, and rewards.
  • Show what you're made of through a high skill cap featuring tough, but fair challenges.
  • Maintain complete control over an extremely agile hero, designed from day one for tight analog twin stick and mouse + keyboard play.
  • Unravel several mysterious narrative threads - each communicated through visuals, sound, and music.
  • Immerse yourself in a surreal, beautiful alien world, thanks to a gorgeous original score by award-winning composer Wilbert Roget, II.