Update 1.1 für Animal Crossing: New Horizons zum Download

Oster-Event enthalten

News Michael Sosinka

Nintendo hat das über 250 MB grosse Update 1.1 für "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" auf der Switch veröffentlicht, das ein Oster-Event enthält. Im Changelog stehen die Details.


Update 1.1 - Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • The patch contains the game's first special event, Easter (4/1-4/12). Time travelers whose system is set to those dates will NOT be allowed to experience those events until it is actually that time IRL. An Internet connection will be required to check the real date when the event first starts on 4/1, after which the event can be enjoyed with no Internet connection. Also worth noting that the user playing must have a connected Nintendo account when this check is performed.
  • Players can use the Nintendo Switch Online app features (QR codes, chat, etc.) beginning 3/20 1 pm JST. You can also now visit other players' islands.
  • Players who install the update will receive a Nintendo Switch furniture item. If you're using the AC special edition Joy-Cons, it will look like your special system!
  • Nintendo Switch Online members will receive a bonus rug that can be obtained with Nook Miles.
  • Pocket Camp players can obtain certain PC items via the machine in Resident Services. Details on how exactly to do this will be provided later.