Update 1.61 für Apex Legends veröffentlicht

Auch mit Switch-Verbesserungen

News Michael Sosinka

Respawn Entertainment hat das Update 1.61 für "Apex Legends" veröffentlicht, das verschiedene Verbesserungen und Anpassungen vornimmt, was auch die Nintendo Switch betrifft (siehe Changelog).

Update 1.61 - Apex Legends

  • Game Session leaks fixed
  • LOC – DE/RU -SWITCH – Line breaks in menu fixed when selecting game modes
  • Loba bracelet will now work on Retail generators
  • Bangalore Heirloom performing SFX fixed
  • Heat Shield infinite uses exploit fixed
  • Overlaps and cuts offs in Ranked League Menus fixed
  • Club tag issue fixed for respawning players
  • Epic “Woad Warrior” Wraith skin textures fixed
  • Legendary War Path skin texture fixed when interacting with Survey Beacons
  • Chaos Theory Bloodhound Skin gloves texture fixed in 1st person view
  • Lifeline Mic Check skin collision issues resolved
  • Wraith’s “Queen’s Guard” texture issues fixed
  • Bloodhound Sacred Gate crashing error fixed
  • Bloodhound’s “Royal Livery” and Octane “Oni’s Shadow” skin textures fixed
  • Server Error – netadr_t::ToString fixed
  • Switch: GPU crash issues resolved while rolling matches
  • “gamemodes/shgamemodesecond_chance.nut error resolved
  • Text integration added for Gamepad Menu
  • Console: “Electric Blue” skin textures fixed
  • Fur lining texture on Bloodhound’s “Going Dark” skin fixed
  • GeForce Now infinite loading issues fixed
  • Octane’s Skydive Emote “Fidget Spinner” preview now available when inspected on XB1
  • PIN events added to Battlepass to track missing rewards
  • Heat Shield audio issues fixed
  • Script Error issue fixed
  • Toggle fire option issues fixed
  • Target acquisition improved
  • Switch: Audio improvements
  • Flickering textures in-game improved
  • Charm names and Armory Icons corrected on Switch