Heute Update 4.4 für Battlefield V

Zwei neue Maps & mehr

News Michael Sosinka

DICE veröffentlicht im Laufe des heutigen Vormittags das Update 4.4 für "Battlefield V" auf allen Plattformen, das unter anderem zwei neue Maps für "Squad Conquest" und Team "Deathmatch" enthält. Zwei neue Waffen sowie zahlreiche Verbesserungen und Anpassungen sind ebenfalls an Bord.


What’s New?

  • Two New Maps - Lofoten Islands and Provence (Available on Squad Conquest and Team Deathmatch)
  • 2 New Weapons deploying across the next 2 weeks of Tides of War (Panzerbusche 39 and the Breda M1935 PG)
  • Max Career Rank increase to 500


  • General stability improvements and crash fixes
  • Resolved a performance issue that could occur when breaking enemies armor on Firestorm and cause Stuttering

Maps and Modes

  • Lofoten Islands - Available in Team Deathmatch and Squad Conquest
  • Provence - Available in Team Deathmatch and Squad Conquest
  • Marita - Fixed a window where players would get stuck when vaulting through it
  • Marita - Improvements to spawn points
  • Mercury - Now Available on Squad Conquest
  • Mercury - Fixed an issue that was changing the behavior of Smoke grenades on this map.


  • We’ve performed a balanced pass across the damage of our Sniper Rifles, and the Recoil applied to our SMGs. Relative to the SMG’s specifically, we’ve switched out some of the Specialisations on Weapons which we believe would benefit from an alternative option. In these cases, you should find that your SMG’s may require a repec so double check your loadouts before deploying!

Balance Changes

  • Improved hipfire accuracy while jumping for sidearms, SMGs, pistol carbines, bolt action carbines and assault rifles.
  • Improved hipfire accuracy while moving when using the Enhanced Grips specialization.
  • Increased vertical recoil of all MMGs by 150% on the first shot, decreasing to the current value starting from the fifth shot. We have further changes coming to MMGs in our next update.
  • Adjusted bullet penetration effectiveness of Bolt Action Sniper Rifles and Self Loading Rifles through materials
  • Adjusted AT Rifle Damage through materials
  • Increased melee damage of light melee weapons such as knives to 35 from 27

Den kompletten Changelog findet man auf Reddit.