Update 7.1 erscheint morgen für Battlefield V

Fehlerbehebungen für Version 7.0

News Michael Sosinka

DICE wird morgen das Update 7.1 für "Battlefield V" veröffentlichen, das vor allem Fehler behebt, die mit dem Update 7.0 aufgetaucht sind. Eine Downtime wird es dieses Mal nicht geben. Die Details stehen ansonsten im Changelog.


Estimated Update Sizes

  • Xbox - 2.13 GB
  • PS4 - 1.26 GB
  • PC - 3.65 GB


  • K31/43 is no longer able to fire an extra bullet while switching firing modes
  • K31/43 no longer has accuracy issues
  • Welrod now properly has 6+1 magazine size and operates as open bolt
  • Fixed some instances where K31/43 sniper scopes had the German post crosshair instead of the correct Swiss crosshair.


  • Fixed an issue what would cause the soldiers models to not show in the frontend
  • Fixed the cosmetics that went missing with the previous update
  • Fixed the Welrod Master Dogtag which had the incorrect icon


  • Provence - Players will no longer get stuck on top of the ammo box
  • Provence - The water on the map is no longer bulletproof
  • Twisted Steel - Frontlines - Removed the vehicles for the US team within the squad reinforcement menu
  • Outpost - Fixed an exploit that could give a team an unfair scoring advantage


  • General stability improvements