Double-XP in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Warzone ist auch dabei [Update]

News Michael Sosinka

Vom 3. bis zum 6. April 2020 können die Spieler von "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" und "Warzone" Double-XP, Double-Weapon-XP und Double-Battle-Pass-Tier-Progression erleben. Weiterhin ist der neue "Warzone"-Modus "Plunder: Blood Money" live gegangen.


Update: Das Double-XP-Event wurde verlängert, da es am Wochenende Probleme gab. Es findet jetzt bis zum 8. April 2020 um 8 Uhr statt. Nachfolgend die News aus der vergangenen Woche.

Modern Warfare & Warzone in dieser Woche

  • Get more buck for your bang… Plunder: Blood Money is live now and this mode variant dishes out more in-game Cash for taking down your opponents. Expect a Cash Drop for each kill and extra in-game Cash for completing Bounty Contracts or eliminating foes via a Finishing Move. Jump into Plunder: Blood Money and get after the kills and the Cash.
  • Up your game in Cyber Attack Pro, which inserts an added twist into this already tactical objective mode. Now, instead of needing to revive your teammates, respawns are enabled, creating frenetic and fast-paced gameplay. Find the balance between completing the objective and eliminating enemies.
  • Players can earn Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and double Battle Pass tier progression earn rate this weekend by playing Multiplayer, Special Ops, or Warzone. Jump into a match of your choice, level up your weapons and rank, and finish off those tiers by getting twice the XP for your efforts. Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and double Battle Pass tier progression earn rate will be live on April 3 at 10 AM PDT to April 6 at 10 AM PDT.