Neues Update in dieser Woche für Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone

Demolition-Modus, ein Truck in rosa & mehr

News Michael Sosinka

In dieser Woche dürfen sich die Spieler von "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" auf den neuen "Demolition"-Modus freuen, inklusive eigener Playlist, während "Trios Plunder Blood Money" in "Warzone" zurückkehrt. Das "Guns Blazing"-Bundle, neue Waffen-Blaupausen, ein Vehikel-Skin-Bundle und mehr sind ebenfalls zu erwarten. Die Übersicht liefert die Details.


Modern Warfare & Warzone in dieser Woche

  • Demolition represents tactical chaos at its finest, as players attempt to outsmart and overpower the other team. Do you all rush in together, or split up and cover the map? Should you run in and plant the bomb, or watch for enemies and provide cover? Get more insight including map specific tactics on Demolition this week on the Games Blog.
  • The ex-U.S. Ranger and Allegiance fighter is back in Store in a new bundle – ‘Mace: Guns Blazing’. Alongside a menacing new skin for Mace, the bundle includes two Legendary weapon blueprints that can overtake enemies in both Multiplayer and Warzone. Check the Store and pick up the bundle to add this vicious Jackals Operator to your roster, if you don’t already own him, and a haul of new gear.
  • Want to ride and fight in style? Get the ‘Anime Express’ bundle for weapon blueprints and vehicle skins that will add some color to all of your skirmishes. The bundle contains two Legendary weapon blueprints for close-range devastation and a skin for the Cargo Truck to express your style.
  • Trios Plunder Blood Money returns to Verdansk, rewarding you with more Cash for taking down enemies. Or drop into Battle Royale in an all-out fight for survive in Solos, Trios, and Quads. Looking for more ways to gain XP, gear, or blueprints for your loadout? Complete missions, daily challenges, and weekly challenges to gain a boost to ranking up and other gear while battling it out in Verdansk.
  • Get more action in the other updated Modern Warfare playlists. Practice your skills with a unique set of blueprints in Gun Game Reloaded. In this all-blueprint battle, get a kill with each weapon to progress through the set. Just don’t get melee’d or finished because you’ll suffer the humiliation of being demoted a weapon. Then, this ‘Ship’ just got a little more chaotic. Join the fun in the 24/7 Shipment playlist to play a mix of modes on this small map where the action never stops.