Mid-Season-Update für Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War zum Download

Neue Map, Modi, Waffe & mehr

News Michael Sosinka

Treyarch hat das Mid-Season-Update für "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" veröffentlicht, das unter anderem eine neue Map ("Sanatorium"), einen neuen 6v6-Modus ("Dropkick"), den "Cranked"-Mode für "Zombies", die "Wakizashi"-Waffe und mehr liefert. Ausserdem kann der "Zombies"-Modus an diesem Wochenende kostenlos gespielt werden. Zudem steht ein Double-Weapon-XP-Event auf dem Programm und es gibt einen Ausblick auf kommende Inhalte, darunter der Operator "Zeyna", die "Zombies"-Map "Firebase Z" und die Multiplayer-Karte "Express".


New MP Map: Sanatorium

  • Ten teams of four drop in and face off in this experimental Soviet health retreat based in the Ural Plains. Collect and deposit uranium, wipe out the enemy teams, and dominate the opposition with land, sea, and air vehicles. Commandeer a fleet of watercraft including Gunboats and the new Tactical Raft to control the surrounding waters.

New MP Mode: Dropkick

  • Jump into this brand-new, fast-paced 6v6 mode where two teams fight for control of a nuclear briefcase, with plenty of opportunity for epic back-and-forth gameplay. While in control of the briefcase, you’ll gain access to nuclear launch codes and earn points for your team. The first team to reach the score limit by controlling the briefcase triggers the nuke for explosive results!

New Zombies Mode: Cranked

  • It’s kill or be killed as the clock ticks down in our newest Zombies mode. Eliminate zombies to reset the timer and stay alive – if your timer reaches zero, you’ll explode! The timer gets shorter as the game progresses, so watch out for the Cranked Timer power-up to temporarily freeze your team’s countdown. When the last player dies, it’s game over. Make use of the in-game Ping system to help your squad survive!

New Zombies Onslaught Map: Raid (PS4/PS5)

  • Zombies fans on PlayStation can now take on the undead in Raid to earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold rankings in Onslaught. Take on enough elite enemies and you’ll unlock some exclusive rewards, along with some new in-game intel along the way.

New Weapon: Wakizashi

  • A sleek new sword has arrived for fans of close-quarters action, offering a slightly better reach compared to the standard Knife in exchange for speed. The Wakizashi can be unlocked via in-game challenge, or as a Weapon Blueprint in the new “Disavowed Assassin” Store Bundle. Once unlocked, the Wakizashi can also be taken into Zombies via loadout support, so you can chop ‘til you drop for weapon camos and XP.

New Operator: Zeyna (Jan. 21)

  • This Senegal-born DGSE Mobility and Heavy Weapons specialist has been a motorhead for as long as she can remember. Watch for Zeyna in a new Store Bundle available on Jan. 21.

New Zombies Map: “Firebase Z” (Feb. 4)

  • The Dark Aether story continues on Feb. 4th in Season One. Check out today’s official announcement of “Firebase Z,” and watch for more intel in tomorrow’s blog celebrating 115 Day.

New MP Map: Express (Feb. 4)

  • A competitive classic returns from Black Ops II! Express arrives in Multiplayer on Feb. 4th, providing plenty of close-quarters and long-range engagements among the bullet train tracks in this high-speed rail station. Remember to mind the gap.

League Play (In Season)

  • As the 2021 Call of Duty League season gets ready to kick off, we’re planning to bring League Play to Black Ops Cold War in the second half of Season One. Keep an eye out for more details in the coming weeks as we prep for launch.

New Multiplayer Modes (In Season)

  • In addition to this week’s new Dropkick mode, watch for more Multiplayer modes to follow, including the new Snipers Only Moshpit, new ways to play Gunfight, and more.


  • For the first time in Call of Duty history, Zombies will be available for free during Zombies Free Access Week! Grab your friends and take on the terrors of “Die Maschine” and the new Cranked mode for free through Jan. 21. Download Zombies Free Access in your platform’s store to get started.


  • As a reminder, we’re kicking off the weekend with Double Weapon XP in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone through 10AM PT Tuesday, Jan. 19th! Drop in and level up those weapons twice as fast, all weekend long.

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