Neues Update Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War verfügbar

Mit Firebase Z & weiteren Inhalten - Double-XP-Weekend findet statt

News Michael Sosinka

"Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" hat ein neues Update bekommen, in dem die "Zombies"-Map "Firebase Z" enthalten ist. Die Multiplayer-Karte "Express", zusätzliche "Prop Hunt"-Maps und der "Endurance"-Modus für 40 Spieler sind ebenfalls an Bord. Ausserdem findet vom 5. bis zum 8. Februar 2021 ein Double-XP-Weekend statt (auch in "Warzone"), wobei es für PlayStation-Spieler schon am 4. Februar 2021 losgeht. Nachfolgend sieht man eine Übersicht und der komplette Changelog ist auf der offiziellen Seite verfügbar.


Express Arrives on Schedule in Multiplayer

  • Over eight years ago, one map defined career moments of several legendary Call of Duty competitive players, hosting many a 1v2 clutch play and one particularly heartbreaking comeback. Outside of competitive play, Call of Duty veterans know this map as a staple of the Black Ops II map rotation, featuring a train that can flatten unaware Operators or carry an explosive payload across the map.
  • This is Express, the 6v6 hallowed ground that joins its fellow classic map, Raid, in Black Ops Cold War.
  • From its futuristic main hall with its massive skylight to the deadly moving train that loops around the terminal, Express will be familiar territory to those who remember it in Black Ops II. As for first-timers, expect Map Intel on the Call of Duty blog tomorrow that will help you get up to speed on Express, although this fast-paced map is fairly easy to learn after a few games and the occasional misadventure on the tracks.
  • To celebrate Express’ return, Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer will debut the Express 24/7 playlist, featuring a collection of game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, and Domination all taking place on this timeless map.

Prop Hunt Expands to New Season One Maps, Armada and Crossroads Strike

  • Have you become a Prop Hunt mastermind on Moscow? Know every nook, cranny, and prop around Checkmate by now? Ready or not, four additional maps are coming to this party mode as part of today’s update.
  • Along with Express and Raid, Hunters will need to be on the lookout for new Props hiding around Crossroads Strike and Armada Strike, smaller versions of two Combined Arms maps.
  • These maps will be mixed into the existing locales of the Prop Hunt rotation, so prepare to hunt and hide in both familiar and new territory with friends and the greater Call of Duty community.

Endurance (40 Players)

  • Black Ops Cold War’s biggest game mode is taking the 10-team experience to a whole new level in this week’s new Endurance mode.
  • Ten squads of four drop into Ruka, Alpine, and Sanatorium to collect uranium and arm bombs throughout the match. However, after one bomb detonates, a new one now comes online to take its place, ensuring that there will always be five bombs available instead of the initial set of five that gets reduced to a single bomb. This introduces a new layer of strategy and non-stop action to these already intense 40-player battlegrounds.
  • The score limit is also doubled from 500 to 1,000 in Endurance, making this mode the perfect opportunity for completing MP challenges. Jump in with your squad and experience the game’s most elaborate maps in an entirely new way.

League Play Incoming

  • As the Call of Duty League starts the first stage of its second season and with the return of a legendary map in competitive play, League Play’s debut in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer draws closer.
  • Scheduled to launch during Season One Reloaded, League Play is the ultimate proving ground for those looking to improve their game and claim bragging rights, while potentially crossing paths with Call of Duty League pros warming up for their next big game.
  • Building on the popularity of Black Ops 4’s ladder-based system, League Play in Black Ops Cold War will allow players to earn their way through 30 Ranks in League Play Events. Only the very best will win their way to the top of their Division Ladder!


Save Samantha Maxis in “Firebase Z”

  • Following the destruction of the abandoned “Projekt Endstation” research facility, a new outbreak site has been uncovered deep in the jungles of Vietnam… and it just so happens to be where Samantha Maxis is being held captive.
  • This sets the stage for “Firebase Z,” the next chapter of the Dark Aether story that will test Requiem Operators in a brand-new locale with new enemies, gameplay mechanics, a powerful Wonder Weapon to discover, and much more.

Get a Head Start in Dead Ops Arcade 3 Solo Advanced Start

  • The Mamaback’s rampage is near-unstoppable, but those looking to bring her down on their own can now get a bit of help through the new Dead Ops Arcade 3 Solo Advanced Start mode.
  • In this playlist, solo players will get an advanced starting position depending on the highest round checkpoint they have reached in a Dead Ops Arcade 3 Solo playthrough. For example, if you go down in Round 7, which is the next-to-last round in the Jungle arena, the Advanced Start playlist will start you off on Round 5, which is the first round in the Jungle arena. If you die fighting the Mamaback, Advanced Start will take you back to Round 61, which is the first round of the Boss Map, and so on.
  • To keep things fair for those who conquered Dead Ops Arcade 3 already, all stats, leaderboards, and challenges are disabled in Advanced Start. However, the “Reunited with Fidolina” achievement can still be completed, making it easier for everyone to add this elusive accomplishment to their profile.

New Onslaught (PlayStation Exclusive) Map: Express

  • PlayStation members of Requiem will need to mind the gap and undead hordes as they drop into the latest map for Onslaught: Express.
  • Follow the Dark Aether Orb around this classic map as you work to rid this modern train station of zombies, including new enemy types that are ready to derail your shot at the Gold.
  • Think you have what it takes to survive these new threats and gather more intel on the mysterious Dark Aether? Then grab your partner and prepare for the Onslaught.

More in Store

  • During Season One Reloaded, Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Operators will be able to bolster their arsenal with new badass bundles and seasonal Blueprints and skins through the Store.
  • Today, the Store is getting restocked with the “Zombie Dozer” bundle, which features the Legendary “Belligerent” skin that decks this hulking beast out in a crimson mask and armor set. It also includes the Legendary “Blood Shank” SMG and the Epic “Blood Spray” assault rifle Weapon Blueprints.
  • Next week, the Store will start to get stocked up with holiday-themed bundles, including “Tracer Pack: Year of the Ox,” which comes with two Weapon Blueprints – the “Golden Ox” assault rifle and “Golden Augx” tactical rifle – that fire gold tracer rounds. Also expect to find the “Top Secret Admirer” bundle that’s fitting for Valentine’s Day, along with the Mardi Gras-themed “Carnival Captain” bundle that outfits Baker in a skin fit for Fat Tuesday.
  • Before the end of the season, Mastercraft collectors can amp up their arsenal with the “Retro Renegade” Mastercraft Bundle. Themed around the rise of portable media players in the 1980s, this bundle includes a burst-fire SMG Mastercraft that has a portable cassette player on top of five attachments that are sure to help Operators bring the noise for their next infiltration.

Incoming Double XP Weekend

  • To celebrate the continuation of Season One, Double XP will be live in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone on all platforms starting on February 5 through February 8, with PlayStation Operators receiving another full day of Double XP today, February 4.
  • Whether you’re dropping into Verdansk or Rebirth Island, saving Samantha Maxis in “Firebase Z,” or crushing the opposition on Express, this weekend is your opportunity to make up time on your road to Prestige Master and the ultimate badge of honor for Season One: Level 1,000.