Valentinstags-Modus in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Double-Weapon-XP am Wochenende

News Michael Sosinka

Am Wochenende (12. bis 15. Februar 2021) bekommt man in "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" und "Call of Duty: Warzone" Double-Weapon-XP. Ausserdem ist vom 11. bis zum 18. Februar 2021 der Valentinstags-Modus "Kiss Confirmed" spielbar. In dieser speziellen Version von "Kill Confirmed" kann man nach einem Kill Süssigkeitenherzen anstelle von Hundemarken sammeln. Was alles ansteht, sieht man in der Übersicht.


The Lead: League Play Arrives Feb. 8th in Black Ops Cold War

  • League Play officially launches in Black Ops Cold War on Monday, Feb. 8th as the Call of Duty League 2021 season prepares to kick off.
  • Compete against players in your Skill Division in the same Call of Duty League modes and maps that the pros play, along with the ability to run official Call of Duty League classes or your own custom loadouts. Rise through 30 Ranks by participating in League Play Events and outplay your way to the top of the Master Division!

“Kiss Confirmed” Multiplayer Mode in Black Ops Cold War

  • You’ve probably played plenty of Kill Confirmed on Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer, but this week you can spread a little more love when “Kiss Confirmed” goes live February 11-18.
  • This special Valentine’s Day version of Kill Confirmed will allow players to collect candy hearts instead of dog tags after getting a kill. So, get ready to steal the hearts of your enemies, or save the ones of your squad mates, when “Kiss Confirmed” sets the mood for Valentine’s Day.

Incoming Double Weapon XP Weekend

  • To keep the momentum of Season One going, Double Weapon XP will be live on Black Ops Cold War and Warzone starting at 10AM PT on February 12 and running through February 15. And to sweeten the pot, Battle Pass tiers will be discounted from 150 CP to 100 CP from February 12-15.
  • So, whether you’re planning on racking up kills in the Nuketown ’84 24/7 playlist, dropping into Verdansk or Rebirth Island, or arming bombs in Endurance, this weekend is your best chance to boost that favorite loadout weapon, or build a new one.

40-Player Endurance Mode Continues on Black Ops Cold War

  • Black Ops Cold War’s biggest and one of its most badass game modes keeps taking the 10-team experience to a whole different level.
  • For those who haven’t played Endurance yet, ten squads of four drop into Ruka, Alpine, and Sanatorium to collect uranium and arm bombs throughout the match. However, after one bomb detonates, a new one comes online to take its place, ensuring that there will always be five bombs available, allowing a new layer of strategy and non-stop action to this already intense battleground.
  • The score limit is also doubled from 500 to 1,000, making Endurance the perfect opportunity for completing MP challenges. Jump in with your squad and experience the game’s most elaborate maps in an entirely new way.

What’s In-Store This Week

  • There are plenty of holiday-themed bundles coming your way this week.
  • Starting with Lunar New Year, there’s a “Tracer Pack: Year of the Ox” bundle that includes Legendary Weapon Blueprints. The “Golden Ox” is a red-and-gold Assault Rifle Delta featuring a Foregrip, Sillix Holoscout Optic, and an ammo-heavy STANAG 50 Rnd Drum.
  • Also featuring Gold Tracer Rounds is the “Golden Augx,” a Tactical Rifle Charlie with a 19.6” Match Grade barrel for more firepower, a Millstop Reflex Optic for improved accuracy, and a SAS Mag Clamp for an extra 30 Rnd Mag.
  • For Valentine’s Day, you can shoot straight for your enemy’s hearts with the “Top Secret Admirer” bundle, featuring the Legendary “Combat Cupid” Weapon Blueprint, a pink Tactical Rifle Charlie with combat-ready Cupid inlay built for firepower and speed. If you want to target your Valentine from afar, there’s the Legendary “Hidden Admiration” Sniper Rifle Alpha, with Steady Aim Laser, Sound Moderator Muzzle, and 7 Rnd Speed Mag.
  • Or if you’re ready to let the good times roll on Mardi Gras, jump into battle with the “Carnival Captain” bundle, which features an epic “Breaker” skin for NATO’S Baker.