Aftermath-Mega-Patch für Chernobylite

Entwickler liefern neue Inhalte für den Early-Access

News Video Michael Sosinka

Das Survival-Horrorspiel "Chernobylite", das momentan im PC-Early-Access ist, hat den sogenannten Aftermath-Mega-Patch bekommen. Dieses liefert das Sturmgewehr als neue Waffe, ein Waffen-Upgrade-System und noch viel mehr. Die Inhalte werden im Trailer und Changelog vorgestellt.


  • Added a new weapon, an assault rifle.
  • Added a weapon upgrade system.
  • Added a storage system for items in Player Base.
  • Added 2 new craft tables. They can used to upgrade weapons.
  • Assault rifle and ammunition for it can be created on crafting table.
  • We have reworked quest "Meeting with Tarakan".


  • We've added Czech and Ukrainian language support.
  • New feature we added in recent weeks has been localized to all languages. If something is not working properly let us know.
  • We corrected some disappearing lines that randomly could not appear during dialogue.


  • Marker placed by player on the map should now work correctly.
  • We've added descriptions that explain exactly what each difficulty setting is doing.
  • Old hideout: Player should no longer fall below level when trying to use the staircase.


  • We've fixed problems with reflections in the water.
  • Scanner screen light should no longer illuminate everything in front of us.


  • Muting the sound effects in the menu should now work properly with the sounds of a flashlight, film or scanner.
  • Quest “Recruit Sashko” and “Mikhail in trouble” should now be sounded correctly.
  • All takedowns should already be properly sounded.