Grosses Early-Access-Update für Chernobylite

Roadmap enthüllt

News Michael Sosinka

The Farm 51 hat für das Survival-Horrorspiel "Chernobylite" ein grosses Early-Access-Update veröffentlicht, das zahlreiche Verbesserungen vornimmt und die englische Sprachausgabe einführt. Ausserdem wurde eine Roadmap enthüllt, die zeigt, was für die Zukunft geplant ist (siehe Grafik). Diese geht bis zum Winter 2020/2021. Für diesen Zeitraum ist der finale Release von "Chernobylite" vorgesehen.



  • We've added English Voice Over. The language of the voices can be changed in the game settings.
  • Spanish language version has been added.
  • The line about killing “single Russian” changed to non-offending.

Chernobylite Storms:

  • Now you can build a Q-wave generator in the base, which makes storm less common.
  • The Black Stalker is now much weaker, and its appearance time has been reduced from 2 minutes to 30 seconds. Its AI and operation is a prototype. Will change in the coming weeks
  • The clock has been turned off. Now, to know when the storm comes you must observe the sky and changes in the world.


  • Overall regardless of the settings, the game should work a few percents better.
  • We've optimized the memory management method. This should resolve most sound issues and make levels load much faster. FPS drops will also be less frequent and less severe.
  • We're working on Ultra settings. Although they are still a prototype, they should work much better on slightly weaker machines.

Retrospective branching (also called “new game plus”):

  • Collected evidence should no longer disappear after players death
  • Player perks should no longer disappear after his death


  • Adrenaline can now be crafted in the base laboratory


  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck during training with Mikhail
  • Due to numerous errors and crashes related to hacking, we decided to temporarily disable it.
  • We've fixed a bug that allowed you to gain unlimited experience during the Tarakan quest
  • Quest Unearthed documents should now be a bit easier to complete.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents Unearthed documents from being completed during the next attempt
  • We've fixed several issues that caused the marker to not always work properly during the mission in Pripyat.
  • We've fixed a whole bunch of smaller bugs you have reported. Thanks!