Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Hilfestellung vom Produzenten für den Zombie-Modus

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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2"-Zombies Produzent Reza Elghazi hat sich die Mühe gemacht und einige Hilfreiche Tipps zum Thema "A better handling with Zombies" veröffentlicht. Diese wollen wir euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten.

ScreenshotFolgende Tipps sollten euch dabei helfen, erfolgreicher Jagd auf Zombies zu machen.

  • “Zombies is primarily a co-op experience. It’s crucial to remain together, so don’t wander off – at least not until later quests demand it – and communicate, as teams who don’t talk die quickly. In Tranzit the map is huge (a whopping 150 times larger than any previous Zombies map) and absolutely crammed [with stuff to discover].”
  • “There are odds and ends of equipment (‘Buildables’) that you can combine to make handy items. The staple is the Turbine – a combo of fan, mannequin and fin – that can be used, among other things, to power doors. In Tranzit’s start zone the location of these three ingredients is the same, so newbies can get the hang of the concept. After that they’re random. Another early staple is the Zombie Shield – a car door and a dolly – that helps to stave off the undead.”
  • “There are five different bus stops – the depot, diner, corn field (which houses a hidden lab), farm and town. There may, however, be more areas discoverable on foot. The bus itself is also moddable to help you survive an onslaught. Don’t forget, you don’t have to ride the bus all the way to the next stop – you can leap off mid-ride, but beware of lava on the roads.”
  • “Choke/hold points aren’t easy to discover in Tranzit but they are present, to an extent. For instance, a great early spot is the far corner of the diner. As long as one team member watches the window behind them, the others can mop up early low-level zombie hordes – obviously, they get tougher, more aggressive and faster as the game progresses. Then it’s just a quick sprint across the road to the car workshop to reach the Mystery Box and power up your arsenal. Grind here before moving on to tougher objectives at more distant bus stops.”
  • “Don’t venture too far afield unless you’re loaded up with powerful weapons, revives and perks (keep an eye out for perk machines). The random Mystery Box is a good way to go – you can often acquire a cracking firearm quite early on to help you survive.”
  • “Regardless of your skills and teammates, you will go down. Zombies is a hugely random game mode, from the location of buildables through to seismic world events (for instance, the ground is prone to randomly cracking and spewing lava, which can have hazardous consequences for your health), zombie spawning and so on, which means that tactics often have to be devised on the fly. Revives are important, especially if you get separated from your group.”
  • “There is a narrative in Tranzit, and an endgame of sorts. Death is the most common ending, but it’s not necessarily the only ending. Pay attention to dialogue between the four new heroes and you’ll begin to unravel the mystery behind the zombie takeover of Earth.”