Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Patch 1.13 verfügbar

News Roger

Wie unsere Kollegen von EGM berichten, ist inzwischen Patch 1.13 für "Call of Duty: Black Ops" verfügbar - rechtzeitig für die Veröffentlichung das Rezurrection-DLC.

Folgende Fixes und Erweiterungen enthält der aktuelle Patch:
(sorry, erstmals nur in englischer Sprache)

  • Security Updates.
  • Addressed an issue where Custom Private Match settings were carrying over to Public matches.
  • Prohibited clan tags can no longer be used.
  • A player’s win streak will now break if they quit out during a live match.
  • Players that are partied up are no longer allowed to go into party-restricted lobbies such as FFA.
  • Fixed a rare issue with Recent Games not showing the correct heat map.
  • Addressed an exploit copying another player’s emblem/playercard.
  • Added Rezurrection DLC support. (Launching September 22nd,)
  • Fixed some issues related to invites going from Zombie to Multiplayer.
  • Unlocked clan tag colors can now be set using the swapped X/O button configuration.