Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Erste Screens

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In London fand kürzlich der Activision E3-Preview-Event statt. Entsprechend haben wir für euch nun auch die ersten Screenshots. Unsere Kollegen von vg247 waren ebenfalls vor Ort und haben einen ersten Eindruck zum Titel publiziert.

Screenshot Der erste Eindruck von unseren Kollegen bei vg247:
On the evidence of this reveal demonstration, we’re definitely looking at the former. What we saw was heavily, heavily scripted, all-action setpiecing – but good lord, these are some impressive setpieces. As the latest trailer shows, Modern Warfare takes place in cities all over the world, from Paris to New York, London and, from the looks of it, Berlin. We saw what looks to be the opening level, set in the Big Apple, before being transported to Canary Wharf for a second mission.
We couldn’t help but notice at this juncture that the actual buildings, despite being hit with missile after missile from this airborne firefight, displayed no progressive damage – not so much as a bullet-hole. At one point in particular, when the fight centered around a skyscraper still under construction, the plastic netting, steel constructs and random materials seemed entirely unbothered by the constant stream of bullets, until a helicopter crashed into it and everything promptly ignited.Wir werden euch demnächst genauer informieren... wir sind für euch an der E3...