Critadel für PC & Switch angekündigt

2D-Actionspiel im Trailer

News Video Michael Sosinka

Der Publisher Nicalis und der Entwickler Pixelian Studio haben das 2D-Actionspiel "Critadel" angekündigt, das im vierten Quartal 2021 für Nintendo Switch und PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) erscheinen wird. Es ist auch ein Trailer zu sehen.

Features von Critadel

  • Three different playable characters (fearless fighter Nox, mysterious cultist Ahnushu and combat android Alice), each with their own unique starting weapons/items, upgradeable abilities and unlockable costumes
  • 360° aiming cursor allows you to blast enemies in any direction
  • Dodge-roll maneuver with limited invincibility for avoiding attacks
  • Powerful weapons that can be purchased or found randomly in the tower
  • Collectible artifacts that give passive bonuses when equipped
  • Two types of in-game currency: crystals (found throughout the tower) and orbs (earned by defeating bosses)
  • Two difficulty modes, plus a Boss Rush mode for replaying boss battles