PC-Update für Crysis Remastered

Mit Experimentellen Raytracing-Boost-Modus

News Michael Sosinka

Für "Crysis Remastered" auf dem PC wurde das Update 2.1.2 veröffentlicht, das unter anderem einen experimentellen Raytracing-Boost-Modus enthält. Mehr Details gibt es im Changelog.


  • Experimental RayTracing Boost mode has been added.
  • RT reflections have been enabled on nearly all surfaces in game.
  • Ray randomization has enabled for proper support of rough surfaces.
  • About 5% of specular reflectance has been added by default to all surfaces.
  • During the development of Crysis Remastered, the team came up with the concept of adding a boost to RayTracing. This boost mode is more of a fun/experimental feature that we wanted to bring to all the RayTracing enthusiasts out there, to give more effects with minimal impact on performance. This option has been added to the in-game Graphic settings menu and can only be activated when Global Raytracing option is enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Motion blur has been reactivated: Motion Blur was temporary disabled with 2.1.1 due to some issues where the motion blur effect was far more intense than intended. A fix has been implemented and motion blur is now available once again.
  • Improvement made to the model for the SCAR.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to activate Anti-Aliasing (AA) from the options menu when DLSS is turned on.
  • Developer Note: By design, AA is not supposed to work while NVIDIA’s DLSS is active. To increase the visibility on this, AA will now be greyed out once DLSS has been turned on.
  • Fixed a UI issue that resulted in the selected difficulty settings appearing as set to “Easy” when another difficulty has been selected.
  • Fixed some black or random textures that could appear when RayTracing is enabled on some PCs.
  • Reduced and fixed several visible cracks that can appear in RayTracing geometry.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when Raytracing has been enabled.
  • Fixed some incorrect texture tiling that could be visible when RayTracing is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in stalls when loading RayTracing textures.
  • Optimized the GPU memory usage in RTX mode (freed around 300+ MB on GPU).
  • Fixed an issue with some light clip volumes support when RayTracing is enabled which will now allow for more precise RT shading.
  • Fixed and issue that caused RayTracing Screen Space Reflections to not be visible on distant surfaces.
  • Optimized RayTracing Screen Space Reflections performance for 4K.