Danger Scavenger erscheint in Q2 2020

Trailer zum Cyberpunk-Roguelike

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

Die Entwickler Star Drifters und Piotr Wolk haben angekündigt, dass das Cyberpunk-Roguelike "Danger Scavenger", das auf schnelle Action setzt, im zweiten Quartal 2020 für den PC (Steam) sowie im vierten Quartal 2020 für Xbox One, PlayStation 4 und Nintendo Switch erscheinen wird. Ein Trailer ist ebenfalls verfügbar.

Features von Danger Scavenger

  • Dynamic risk-reward gameplay. Choose your path wisely, face the challenges, and become the hero you always wanted to be! Or… pick the easy way and return with nothing.
  • Six unique Scavengers to choose from. Each one has its skills and style of fixing problems of the world: stealth, strategy, rapid-fire action or maybe a mix of them? You decide!
  • Team with up to four Scavengers to kick the corporation’s ass in cooperation mode!
  • Defeat five greedy corporations. Face 30-plus types of enemies, their special versions, and bosses. Choose from a large selection of 30-plus various weapons, active and passive 50-plus items / upgrades to buy or loot.
  • Unexpected item combinations that you’ll discover during your adventures. Just like no two snowflakes are the same, you can never get the same build twice. Design your perfect strategy by many trials and errors, followed by many deaths, of course.