Update 1.05 für Dead or Alive 6 veröffentlicht

Pirates of the 7 Seas Costumes Vol. 2 verfügbar

News Video Michael Sosinka

Koei Tecmo Games und Team Ninja haben das Update 1.05 für "Dead or Alive 6" veröffentlicht, das unter anderem Anpassungen an der Game-Balance vornimmt und Bugfixes enthält. Zudem ist der DLC "Pirates of the 7 Seas Costumes Vol. 2" verfügbar.

Update 1.05 - Dead or Alive 6

  • Added a feature to LOBBY MATCHES that allows for multiple simultaneous matches to be carried out in one room.
  • Added the option to set custom names to LOBBY MATCH rooms.
  • Added text chat option to the lobby screen in LOBBY MATCHES.
  • Added the option to display Skill Info in the SPECTATOR mode and during replays.
  • Added the costumes "Pirates of the 7 Seas Costumes Vol.2".
  • Added new entry animations for Helena, Brad Wong, and Eliot. Added new victory animations for Jann Lee, Kokoro, and Leifang.
  • Adjusted game balance.
  • Corrected various bugs and issues.