Descenders für Xbox Series X/S mit Termin

Zwei Darstellungs-Modi & technische Details

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

Mike Rose vom Publisher No More Robots hat über Twitter bestätigt, dass das Extreme-Downhill-Biking-Spiel "Descenders" am 8. Juni 2021 für Xbox Series X/S erscheinen wird, mit zwei Darstellungs-Modi. Man kann entweder mit 120 FPS oder 4K spielen.

Descenders für Xbox Series X/S

  • 120FPS Performance Mode / 4K Resolution Mode!
  • 8 player lobbies!
  • Huge visual upgrades across the board
  • Crossplay with PC for the first time!
  • Higher resolution (4K Resolution Mode on Series X)
  • Higher frame rate (120 on Series X)
  • Far greater draw distance
  • Far great shadow distance
  • Far higher texture resolution
  • Improved shadows
  • More foliage
  • Higher terrain quality
  • Motion blur and SSAO enabled
  • Increased player count (4 players on all other console platforms, 8 players on Series X|S)
  • Greatly improved anti-aliasing setting
  • Cross-play with Steam and PC Game Pass players
  • Series X: 1080p120fps / 4K30fps
  • Series S: 1080p120fps / 1440p60fps