Februar-Update für Dragon Ball FighterZ

Details zu den Verbesserungen [Update: Changelog]

News Michael Sosinka

Bandai Namco Entertainment hat verraten, welche Verbesserungen im Februar-Update für "Dragon Ball FighterZ" enthalten sind.


Im Februar 2018 wird ein Update für "Dragon Ball FighterZ" erscheinen, weswegen wir heute oder morgen damit rechnen dürfen. Mittlerweile hat Bandai Namco Entertainment verraten, welche Änderungen und Verbesserungen an Bord sind. Leider werden mit dem Februar-Update bisherige Replay-Daten inkompatibel. Ein weiteres Update wird übrigens im März 2018 veröffentlicht.

Update contents

  • Party Match has been implemented.
  • Replay Channel has had the following functions added: Follow Channel, Search Channel.
  • Arcade Mode has been changed to be more convenient.
  • The flow has been changed so that you can choose your next destination at the Results screen after clearing a course.
  • When pausing for Option during battle, we've added "Return to Course Select" and "Return to Character Select."
  • When an opponent is found while searching for a Ring Match, Casual Match or Ranked Match, the controller will now vibrate.
  • Replay Data has been adjusted to the new version. Once this update goes live, you will no longer be able to view replay data from the old version. Please be aware.


  • Movement should now feel more stable.
  • Effects and cinematic moments have been adjusted to display more correctly.
  • A bug hwhere after a Dragon Rush forced character switch, if you used a move that will switch your position to your opponent's, the hitbox would become reversed, has been fixed.


  • To improve the matchmaking in the game, one part of the system has been revamped, in order to optimize it. We are planning to gradually continue working on improving this area.
  • For the DLC Anime Song & BGM pack, we've changed the settings so that P1 and P2 can each hear their own chosen song.Please continue enjoying Dragon Ball FighterZ in the future as well.

Update: Bandai Namco Entertainment hat den kompletten Changelog für das Februar-Update von "Dragon Ball FighterZ" veröffentlicht.


  • PARTY MATCH: Added the Party Match feature which enables automatic match-up with 5 other players to play a Party Match.
  • REPLAY CHANNEL: Expanded Replay Channel functions (added "Followed Player Channel" and "Search Channel") - Previous replay data will be deleted
  • RANKED MATCH / CASUAL MATCH: Added controller vibration to indicate when an opponent has been found
  • ARCADE MODE: Added "Return to Character Selection" and "Return to Course Selection" after completing a course
  • TRAINING MODE: Fixed a bug that shows the Dragon Balls collection animation while options were set on "Do not display"
  • TRAINING MODE: Fixed a bug that made the Assist Gauge recover when player guards continuously
  • BATTLE TUTORIAL: Fixed a bug that prevented the UI to be displayed properly when player passes the objective right after the beginning of the match


  • GOKU BLACK: Fixed a bug that prevented the character to disappear when Goku Black's Special Move " The Work of a God " was used after an Ultimate Z Change
  • ANDROID 21: Fixed bug that prevented Android 21 from disappearing immediately after she is called in for a Z-Assist and the main character takes damage
  • ANDROID 21: Fixed a red visual bug when Android 21 is called in for a Z-Assist and the main character takes damage
  • FRIEZA: Fixed a bug that prevents Frieza to properly use "You Must Die by My Hand!" when lying on the ground after his Golden Frieza transformation
  • HIT: Fixed a bug that prevents the "Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack" effect to disappear when used during Ultimate Z Change and Hit's Meteor Special Attack
  • HIT: Fixed a bug that prevents the Z-Assist character to disappear when the main character is damaged at the very same moment by Hit's "I Keep Improving" attack
  • TIEN: Fixed a bug that makes a character invisible when both the main character and Z-Assist character are damaged by Tien's attack "Farewell, Tien…"
  • CAPTAIN GINYU: Fixed a bug that allows Ultimate Z Change to be performed with less than 3 gauges after performing "Powerful Energy Wave"
  • MAJIN BUU: Fixed a bug that makes the opponent invincible if Majin Buu's "Standing Light - Follow Up 2" and the opponent's Super Dash hit simultaneously
  • ANDROID 18: Fixed a bug of voice/mouth synchronization when special dialogues are played against Piccolo and Vegeta


  • SHENRON: Fixed a bug that prevents Destructive Finish and Stage Destruction effects to appear with a character resurrected by Shenron
  • SUPPORT CHARACTERS: Fixed a bug that prevents voices of Support Characters (like Android 17 or Ginyu Force) to be played normally when called into battle
  • DRAGON RUSH: Fixed a bug that reversed the guard controls when a character is being changed by a Dragon Rush