Dread Templar im Trailer

Retro-FPS für Herbst 2021 geplant

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

Der Entwickler T19 Games und der Publisher 1C Entertainment werden den Retro-First-Person-Shooter "Dread Templar", der sich an Genre-Vertretern aus den 90er Jahren orientiert, im Herbst 2021 über den Steam-Early-Access für den PC veröffentlichen. Der reguläre Release wird im Jahr 2022 stattfinden. Die Action ist im Trailer zu sehen.

Features von Dread Templar

  • Dread Templar uses elements from both modern retro FPS and classic shooters such as fast-paced gameplay, dashing, headshots and bullet time so you can enjoy the old-school shooting games in a modern way!
  • Customize your weapon skills to fit your own playstyle and fight against the demon hordes.
  • More than 10 types of weapons in the game including katana swords, firearms and infernal guns!
  • Explore side areas and secret places, solve interesting puzzles and get rewards.
  • Handmade retro art style - all elements in the game including weapons, demons, and levels are done in a retro pixel art style reminiscent of the 90s shooters.