Dual Gear bald im PC-Early-Access

Mech-Strategie im Jahr 2021 auch für Konsolen

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

Der Publisher Corecell Technology und der Entwickler Orbital Speed Studio haben angekündigt, dass das rundenbasierte Mech-Strategiespiel "Dual Gear " am 29. Juli 2020 über den Steam-Early-Access für den PC erscheinen wird. Im Jahr 2021 werden ebenfalls Xbox One, PlayStation 4 und Nintendo Switch versorgt. Im Trailer ist Gameplay zu sehen.

Features von Dual Gear

  • Experiencing in The Mech Action Shooting in The Combat Mode! Real-Time controlling your ordering unit with the multiple types of weapons! SMGs, Missiles, and Melee Devices are available for you! Be careful! Every move wouldn’t let you all to take a breath! The Aggressive Real-Time enemies are waiting to blow out your mechs every turn. Let start training the test drive before the mission!
  • Manage the team with The Turn-Based Layer! Do it through the extremely high angle map called Tactical View. Before select the chosen unit to roll out, Let’s observing your contact zone and making the efficient management on Turn-Based Combat Style!
  • NEMOS Hangar is open now! Tune-Up your mechs with the maximum provided of parts and weapons! Buy, sell, and upgrade the components you want to build your perfect war machines! Your setting will directly affect to any mech performance and pilot style. Before getting in your briefing room, don’t forget to enjoy the coloring module. Spend time a bit to showing your idea on mech decoration work!
  • Story-Driven with unique characters like an RPG element! Gain more EXP and WXP from the story mode to unleash the new skills and more levels! The first act will available on the launch of Steam Early Access and more will become through the Early Access Updates!