Update 7.0 für UFC 4 veröffentlicht

Zwei neue Kämpfer enthalten

News Michael Sosinka

Electronic Arts hat zu "UFC 4" das recht umfangreiche Update 7.0 veröffentlicht, das mit zwei neuen Kämpfern aufwartet, darunter Jiri Prochazka und eine Legacy-Version von Conor McGregor aus UFC 178.


Major Updates

  • Added 2 new fighters:
    • Conor McGregor from UFC 178 added to Featherweight
    • Jiri Prochazka to Light Heavyweight
  • Added Jessica Andrade to Flyweight and Bantamweight divisions
  • Unlocked Andre Bishop and Isaac Frost in Heavyweight
  • Added a venue select to Online Quick Fight to prioritize venue preference during matchmaking
  • Fixed Event & Tournament Mode CAF scaling issues and mismatched Ratings & AI

Gameplay Updates

  • Added calf kicks to all fighters.
  • Added a new set of standup blocking animations and polished the old set.
  • Fixed an issue with attribute information displayed for a few archetypes.
  • Increased penalty for the attacker’s rapid movement in limb submissions.
  • Fixed an issue to allow Body Side Kicks to track walking to one side (the outside).
  • Tuned stamina recovery to be slower when stamina is high.
  • Tuned strike stamina costs between weight divisions.
  • Reduced the cost for heavier divisions and increased it for the lighter ones, with very little change to the divisions in the middle, such as lightweight. Even in the heaviest and lightest divisions, this adjustment was small.
  • Decreased permanent body damage by 10%.
  • Decreased block breakdown by 15%.
  • Decreased head roundhouse bleedthrough from 20% to 10%.
  • Single and low single bails now require a stamina advantage of 30%.
  • Attempting it without such an advantage will result in the drive ending in favor of the defender.
  • Fixed an issue where submissions were finishing before the progress bar had completed and when chains were activated at certain timing.
  • Reduced damage of clinch rear knees to head and body from collartie, Muay Thai, and single under by 20%.
  • This still leaves the head knees damage slightly higher than the elbows. The lead knees, which are slower, retained their previous damage.
  • Reduced Bleedthrough of clinch knees.
  • Since evading them is not an option, blocking the correct height is the best defense available so we made blocking them a bit better. They can still deal significant damage through the block if the block meter is low.
  • Slowed down the head peel fake from dominant back side
  • This is the entry for the bulldog choke and the transition to back sitting added in the previous patch. The starting animation was too fast, meaning it could be faked too quickly. We slowed the starting animation down considerably, but did not change the denial windows so only the fakes should be affected.
  • Refined the starting animation of the transition from back side to full guard
  • The animation was previously too hard to read because the shoulders took long to start to shift. Now the shoulders should start to shift right away, making reactive denials against this move more viable even though the denial window isn’t changing.
  • Increased denial window for the hip toss from collartie and muay thai clinch
  • Please note that this increase will affect the time the defender has to scramble. The hardest part for the defender will probably be to not be pressing high block by the time the scramble window starts, as that prevents the scramble.
  • Increased the permanent stamina cost of ground transition by 50%.
  • Reduced recovery of the resistance to head health events between rounds.
  • Greatly decreased the stamina cost of the wizzer escape.
  • Attacker can now cancel their submission pressing R1 and L1 together, (LB+RB on Xbox)
  • Increased the effect of submission defense rating
  • Submission strength tuning
  • Crucifix strike damage has been reduced by 25%
  • Reduced number of leg health events before TKO
  • Decreased the effect of the cardio attribute on starting stamina
  • Made plodding footwork stamina threshold more dynamic, based on footwork and leg health
  • Increased the clinch back takes stamina cost
  • Made special backwards leg lunge mitigate leg damage, instead of increasing it.
  • Made it so the defender can instantly escape from the back clinch after the osoto-gari scramble, unless the attacker has a 30% stamina advantage.
  • Restricted the use of the muscle modifier on the ground to the same rules we had in UFC 3
  • It is only available for get ups and the sitout sweeps from sprawl.
  • Tuned custom fighter AI tendencies.
  • Made reversals and arm traps wipe grapple advantage
  • Previously, reversals and arm traps would not clear the grapple advantage upon reaching the new position. Previously, the dominant fighter could have a lot of GA in his favor and would maintain it in the new position after being reversed, such as from an arm trap from side saddle to side control. Now, the reversals and arm traps will clear the GA and grant a small amount (of a successful denial) to the fighter who performed the reversal.
  • Lowered frequency with which the AI intercepts takedowns with strikes
  • Fixed bug in AI takedown feints reducing actual takedown frequency
  • Added ability for AI to execute imanari rolls

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