Konsolen-Termin für Ever Forward

Auch für Xbox Series X/S & PS5

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

Der Publisher PM Studios und der Entwickler Pathea Games haben angekündigt, dass das Puzzle-Adventure "Ever Forward", das bereits für PC erhältlich ist, am 29. Juni 2021 ebenfalls für Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 und PlayStation 5 erscheinen wird. Ein neuer Trailer ist auch zu sehen.

Features von Ever Forward

  • Puzzles: For more than three years, our designers racked their brains designing puzzles with the “puzzle gamer” in mind. Players will feel deeply challenged and motivated to solve each puzzle, and some puzzles have multiple ways of being completed to fit different kinds of thinkers and logical processes.
  • The Art: A color pallet of soothing pastels and futuristic tones designed to simulate the absurd nature of of the world.
  • Adventure: Players can collect fragments of memories in the world to unlock new areas and new puzzles.
  • Mechanics: Mechanics ranges from simple movement and jump to teleportation and gravity control, the player must use stealth and observational skills to navigate each puzzle.