Drittes Early-Access-Update für Fade to Silence

Mit neuer Region & mehr

News Michael Sosinka

Black Forest Games und THQ Nordic haben das dritte Early-Access-Update für das Rollenspiel "Fade to Silence" veröffentlicht, das unter anderem die neue Region "The Pit" ins Spiel bringt. Ausserdem sind neue Begleiter und weitere Gefahren enthalten. Der Changelog hat die Details.


New features

  • New region: The Pit
  • New follower Gani, the Survivor.
  • New follower Ezra, the Alchemist.
  • Implmented snow tornado in The Pit.
  • New resource upkeep system in the refuge.
  • Reverse finisher animations and mechanic for monsters.


  • fixed: In The Wreck region, the player can reach outside playable area.
  • fixed: Character never dies of deprivation if one cold shard is picked up.
  • fixed: Missing gamepad focus in the options menu.
  • fixed: Pressing ESC in recruitment events scenes destroys dialogs.
  • fixed: Followers not fighting raid monsters.
  • fixed: Progressing through the game resets follower’s status (making them unrecruitable for example).
  • fixed: Player can reach outside playable area.
  • fixed: The game might freeze when attempting to rest.
  • fixed: Unable to sprint when the character locked on a target.
  • fixed: Character may remain stuck after rolling & drawing a melee weapon.
  • fixed: Two outposts not considered indoors.
  • fixed: Various invisible collisions
  • fixed: Lumberyard invisible collision.
  • fixed: Access to restricted gameplay area.
  • fixed: Main menu items missing after coming back from the options menu.
  • fixed: In some cases, if you are dying during the Vic recruitment, multiple monsters can spawn.
  • fixed: Exploit where the player could discover the world by exploiting a bug in the construction menu.
  • fixed: In rare cases, a follower may remain stuck in sliding animation after being damaged in combat.
  • fixed: In rare cases, the player character may not be able to move after the revival.
  • fixed: Debug sphere with no gameplay impact visible in The Prairie.

Known Issues

  • Corruption roots/tentacles are not recognized by monsters and followers.
  • Localization: Non-English languages are still missing translations for dialogues.
  • Localization: Gender-sensitive languages are still missing the proper forms. For now, it is recommended to play in English.
  • Region names, player feedback about follower activities, some mission names, some reworked interactables, and new or reworked menu items have not been localized, will show up in English.
  • Fog of war on the map currently has visual artifacts depending on camera position.
  • Event log temporarily deactivated.
  • In rare cases the Impaler Guardian from the NW Outpost may be invisible.
  • The game may become unresponsive if “ALT+TAB” combination is pressed during the loading screen.
  • In some cases the Gani recruitment event will break if you enter the shelter before she does.
  • Workaround: Leave the event area and restart the event. Make sure you enter the shelter AFTER Gani.
  • Dependent on snow height the tools in the Gani recruitment event are not visible because they are buried in the snow. They still get highlighted if you place the cursor above them.